The Catwalk Goes to the
Castle Carnival

Designs by Jude & Fletcher Pattern Co.

Spring Sewing Challenge February 18th - April 9th,  2011

Show off your personal style and get your imagination going
to create a show stopping outfit that is fit for a Masquerade Ball in color & design


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Below will be the collage for the Castle Carnival ..
I will put them up as I receive them.
Full pages with all entry photo's will be available for viewing after judges have finished judging
Entry #1 Vicki
Using pattern Dazzling in Denim
Entry #2 Vicki
Using pattern Regency for Matt O'Niell
Entry #3 Eleanor
Using pattern Waterfall
Entry #6 AnnMarie
Using pattern Ghastly Memories
Entry #5 Jo
Using pattern Southern Belle
Entry #4 Dave
WINNER .. Judges and People's Choice
Using pattern Midnight in the Garden
Entry #8 Sherelyn
Using pattern Dreary Indeed
Entry #7 Sherelyn
Using pattern Moody and Blue
Entry #10 Karel
Using pattern Dazzling
Entry #9 Sally
Using pattern Kaleidescope