Glamour Goth
The Catwalk
Designs by Jude & Fletcher Pattern Co.
Fall Sewing Challenge September 8th - November 30th

Show off your personal style and get your imagination going to create a show stopping
outfit with a hint of vampire like mystery in color & design

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Karel Holbrook
entry 1 collage
People's Choice WINNER
Denise Beaudin
entry 2 collage
Ann Marie
entry 3 collage
Joan Thingle
entry 4 collage
entry 5 collage
entry 6 collage
Sue Townsend
entry 9 collage
Karel Holbrook
entry 8 collage
Karel Holbrook
entry 7 collage
entry 10 collage
People's Choice WINNER
Karen Cermak
entry 11 collage
People's Choice WINNER
entry 12 collage
People's Choice was a hard fought battle ..
and 3 tied for top spot