The Catwalk
Designs by Jude & Fletcher Pattern Co.
Sewing Challenge

Show off your personal style and get your imagination going
to create a show stopping outfit in color & design

Rules for each challenge are on the Challenge page below


To Date the CatWalk has had 7 challenges and into the 8th challenge into the New Year

Denim hits the CatWalk  9 entries
ended May 31st 2010
Military Influence hits the CatWalk   3 entries
ended August 31st 2010

Glamour Goth hits the CatWalk   12 entries
Ended November 30 2010
Over the Rainbow hits the CatWalk   24 entries
Ends January 31st 2011

The Catwalk goes to the Castle Carnival   10 entries
Ends April 9th 2011

The CatWalk enjoys a Garden Party  23 entries
Ended July 24th

The CatWalk -One of the Boys 5 entries
Ended October 5th

The CatWalk - Winter Wonderland  9 entries
Ended January 11th 2012