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Beary Tiny Treasures

FREE Halloween Drawing 2011

WOOHOO!!! the drawing is over and the video of the drawing and the winners names is below the photo’s of the cakes … We have also turned comments back on in case anyone wanted to comment to the winners:)  see around next time we meet up at the Magic Mushroom:)

Please click on each collage to see a much larger view of each cake

Sonja!! winner .. Boo cake

This is Cake number 1 ..




Ellowyne enjoying a slice

Dave!! winner ..

Spider Cake


We received a wonderful email from Dave and picture of his Ellowyne Enjoying her cake .. Thank you so much Dave





Mary!! winner .. Spook Cake

This is Cake number 3 ..


THANK YOU ALL!! for the wonderful comments about the tiny treasures AND the comments and emails that we received on the new look of the site:)  Thank you so so much:)

Well we did it a little different this time:) the drawing I mean:)  we videoed it:)  had a little problem we had to take care of right before drawing the names .. by golly we got ‘er done:)


click the link .. it is a Windows Movie Video (wmv) so it you run on windows you should see it:) the window (as in this window) will go black and the movie will start after it loads .. when finished just use your back button .. there is sound so turn on the speakers:)  After movie starts you can RIGHT click on the black area and choose ZOOM 200% and it will be easier to see:)

NOTE for those that do not turn on the sound — the explanation of the stop and restart .. Sherrie had to leave the room and tripped over the tripod when she came back in to do the drawing .. oh bother!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 3 winners!