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Beary Tiny Treasures





Need I say more:)  Ellowyne Wilde and Miss Prudence Moody ..

I love creating for them both and coming up with fun things for them both.

If you follow the links above under Ellowyne’s name you will find a few goodies to buy .. I make them myself right here on the coast of Georgia.   Pieces are made one at a time .. the chocolates .. wow even though the chocolates are the smallest thing that I make they are the most fun to make then bake.  They are not real of course so don’t eat them!  My grandson (Dakota) loved teasing me when the family lived with us .. he would see me making them and then after baking he would grab a hand full and pretend to eat them all gone! 🙂 lol  he is a hoot I tell you

I have had Purse drawings for free purses .. Valentine drawings for cakes and candies for the girls … just no telling what may happen next.  So visit the Group Fun link above and join a group or two .. just never know how much fun you may have too ..





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