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Beary Tiny Treasures

About us .. with pictures!

AND we are pet friendly ..

HEY .. since we took pictures of Tim and Sherrie on St. Simons (March 2011) AND they turned out pretty ok .. we thought it was time for me to update this page:)

That’s Sherrie on the left and Mr. Tim on the right

We live in Brunswick Georgia and have since 2003, Time really does fly, we really do love this area and hope to be here for a long long time

Sherrie works on the patterns around this joint with Tim helping in the ‘oh that looks good and not so good’ department.  Making the OOAK pieces for jewelry is a collaborative effort .. from start to finish.  From designing, to creating, to stringing .. we love the process of working together to bring you these fun items.

We should also say that the animals are no where near any of the items that we use to make the goodies here.  Well that’s not actually true .. We can see the Aquariums from where we work … but to date none of the fish have jumped out to help us. 🙂

How about meeting our extended furry, feathered and scaly friends:) and just so you know .. all of the cats and dogs have been neutered or spayed which ever the case may be:)

50 gallon Aquarium (picked it up for an AMAZING low price in August of 2011 .. pictures to come)


isn't she Precious

Precious (Umbrella Cockatoo)

Yep that’s her name and she just came to live with us on June the 4th 2011.   Precious is an Umbrella Cockatoo and is 18 years old.  From what I could gather from her ‘dad’, Bob, he was at least her 3rd home .. maybe second as it sounds like Precious may have just made a short stop at his sisters house before coming to live with Bob .. if so then Bob was her second home .. doesn’t really matter though because now she is here and WOW!:)

Kind of strange how things work out ya know.  We had a water pipe burst back in March while I was in Texas, the landlord came out to fix it after I arrived home again in April, He brought a friend with him to help him and this friend saw our Parrots .. he said he had a friend that might need a place for his bird.  QQ well I gave him our number and told him if it was meant to be then it will be.

Bob (the friend) called me on the 3rd of June (I had actually forgotten) and said he was leaving on June the 5th .. oh ack! With so much going on he had forgot to call.  She is a real lovey dovie.


30 gallon Aquarium

2 Dalmation Mollies, 2 Sailfin White Mollies, 1 HUGE Plecostimus, and more guppies than I can count! between 75 and 100 easy


Don ..(3 years old 2011)

is actually our youngest cat.  Don is 3 years old. He was very very shy the first couple of years but now .. oh now he is all  over the place and can often be found laying on a window sill or in the middle of the floor with the dogs .. and one of these days they won’t all scatter when I get up to take a photo of them:)


“Starr”bright (9 years old 2011)

Here we have the Starr .. Truly a bright spot in the day, or night for that matter.  Starr is one of 2 kittens that a ferrel cat in Texas had.

Mom left one day and never came back .. we lost StarrLight (the brother) as he wasn’t very healthy and we couldn’t save him, but Starr (for short) grow into a huge big beauty!  He is our oldest cat now and he wants to sit or lay where another cat is he will go up and start licking their face and then push them off and take over the area, where ever that may be.  His favorite spots are on the table by the front door (which we have nothing on just so cats can lay there:) and on the wide window sill that you see here in this picture.


Diablo (Born March 2002 – Passes December 2012)

OI! what can I say about Diablo .. except that he is 22 and HALF pounds of love.   He is SO huge .. he isn’t just big in the belly he is LONG too and solid, from his head to his tail he is like one big muscle .. just one big huge beautiful love bug:)

Diablo was abandoned by his mother many many times and so matter what she just would not feed him.  So at about a week and half Tim and I took him in .. after a couple of feedings we found out why she was giving him up.  He ATTACKED the bottle, from the first feeding till the last one a few weeks later .. he attacks his food.

As Diablo got older he would sit on Tim shoulder as he worked on the computer, walked around, what ever .. he was on Tim’s shoulder.  Eric (Tim’s brother) came for a visit once and he was walking around with Diablo (on his shoulder of course).  Diablo was about 3 months old.  Eric was in the kitchen (as were Tim and I) and Diablo jumped, and hit the floor so hard and went limp.  Tim scooped him up, I took him .. limp no movement.  I was crying .. he was gone, that fast.  Eric was beside himself.  I loved and held Diablo for a minute with tears running down my face then handed him to Tim so he could say his goodbyes while I got a towel to wrap him in for burial.   I was walking out of the room and turned around just in time to see Diablo take a huge big breathe and start moving!!  OH MY STARS!!!

We can’t talk to Eric now without him asking how HIS dead cat is! 🙂


Angel (April 2001 – May 18th 2014)

Ya Angel . . BOY could I write a whole page on him and how we named him wrong . . because Angel, ya not so much!  if there is trouble then he is probably right at the center of it.  Angel is 18 pounds of trouble on any given day:)  Angel was my mothers cat (she lived with us when we took him in at 3 days old .. I bottle fed him but mom adopted him) but when she moved to Arizona to spend time with my brother she couldn’t take him with her .. that’s ok though because he fits in just fine with all of our big beautiful family:)


Neath (9 years old 2011)

in the middle of an ice storm in Texas oh so many years ago there was a knock on our door.  “You have to help .. hurry come on!!”  it was the little girl (10 at the time) that lived next door .. I grabbed my coat and ran out.  She ran to a tire that was in the middle of there back yard. SHE KILLED THEM, THEY ARE DEAD! she kept saying.  I lifted the tired and there under it were 2 and a half kittens (yes half) .. FROZEN solid, I mean frozen! as in stiff as a board!  No clue who momma belonged to (if anyone) .. but Amanda said she say her go in the tire in the morning and then came out carrying something a few hours later.  She thought it looked like a kitten so she decided to look .. man it was not fit for man nor beast that day:(  I told her that it was just too cold for them and they died probably right after birth and momma was doing what animals do.  I shouted that I would take the 2 that were still whole and have Tim bury them after the storm.  So I picked up the stiff little bodies and she laid the tire back down.  I yelled for her to go back inside and I headed for my house.

Takes a bit to write up Neath .. more to come


Trapper (3 years old 2011)

. no worries ..am updating when I can



Toby (12 years old March 2011) (beagle/heeler mix)

. no worries ..am updating when I can




ok that’s it for right now .. I have other pictures that I will be putting up so check back often .. i will also be doing the write ups for them all:)  This way ya’ll keep coming back to check in:)

Tara Lynn (White and Black French Hound) no worries ..am updating when I can

Paco (Blue and Gold Macaw) no worries ..am updating when I can

Gwenevier (Timney Grey) no worries ..am updating when I can

Bandit (Lilac Crown Amazon) no worries ..am updating when I can

Stumpy, Gizmo, Falcor (Cockatiels) no worries ..am updating when I can

Never a dull moment around here .. Trapper with Don and Starr .. just like kids, give them a box and they are happy all day long.

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